Tale as old as time~

He took me in his arms and led me to the balcony. He even held the glass door open for me. Well, where did that come from?

We sat there and neither made a sound for a while.

The sky was beautiful that night, all clear with stars scattered here and there.

The wind was blowing soothingly. Inside the castle, the violin was still playing gentle notes.

I looked up and saw him looking at me searchingly.

There was a hint in his blue eyes. A warm look. I had thought he has cold eyes. Was it there before? If so, how could I miss it until now?

"Belle?" he began, "Are you.. happy here with me?"

"Yes," I replied quickly. Even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t say so. After all these time, he had changed so much. And it was.. nice being around him.

But only after I saw him smile that I realized it was true. I am happy here.